Future DiverCities

 Future DiverCities - Creativity in an Urban Context

Future DiverCities - Creativity in an Urban Context is an initiative of 9 cultural partners in Europe and Canada funded by Creative Europe (European Union programme for the cultural and creative sectors). From the summer 2016, this 4 years experimentation will aim at exploring new models of creation and dissemination that support, for the future, cultural diversity and alternative ecosystems.

 The project will centre around the artistic domains of music, digital art and urban art, and it deeply believes in and aims to reinforce social bonds through the arts.

Project Partners

Savonia University of Applied Sciences (coordinator) | Kuopio, Finland
ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival | Kuopio, Finland
1D Lab | Saint Etienne, Lyon & Paris, France
Public Art Lab | Berlin, Germany
Seconde Nature | Aix en Provence, France
BEK | Bergen, Norway
Kontejner | Zagreb, Croatia
Liepaja City Council | Latvia
La Chambre Blanche | Québec, Canada


Future DiverCities acts as an incubator for innovation and new creative practices. The project stimulates risk-taking through creation of art in the challenging urban environment.

We aim at creating a new digital platform to develop innovative art and a new business model for art professionals, building and developing new audiences across the world, both as art consumers and co-creators of art works, and increasing artists’ and creative professionals’ mobility to internationalise their careers.

These aims we will reached through experimental Artist Labs, audience events, conferences and think tanks between the project partners and their collaborators.

The aims of the project will be explored and developed through co-curated Artist Labs that are based on curatorial starting points from  Future DiverCitizens, Future DiverSocieties, Future DiverStructures to Future DiverSystems. In Kuopio, the first Lab took place in October 2016 and the second in September 2017, and Labs will be organised annually. The Labs are based on co-curation processes between the partners.







Future DiverCities


Wednesday 28.10.       14.00 – 16.00

Festival Centre |  Haapaniemenkatu 20 (H-talo)
Accessible Event – Discussions in Finnish

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Future DiverCities

Artist Labs

Future DiverCities organises experimental artist residencies “Labs” across the partner cities.

In Future DiverCities Labs, artists from different artistic backgrounds and around the globe work together in the frame work of the project, in relationships to each other, the local environment and community, sharing practices and engaging members of the community in artistic interventions.

ANTI Festival will host the third Future DiverCities Lab in Kuopio prior and during the festival 2.-15.9.2019. Read about the 2019 Lab artists below!

Future DiverCities

Lab Artists 2019

Kim Modig is an artist living in Helsinki. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Theatre Studies from the Theatre Academy in 2009. Read more ▸

Kattrin Deufert is one half of the artistic duo deufert&plischke. The works of deufert&plischke focus on time, memory, myth, and how we should live together. Read more ▸

Lara Thoms is a queer artist interested in socially engaged, site-specific and participatory possibilities in contemporary art and performance. Read more ▸

Herr Finnland was born in 1982 into a half Austrian half Finnish family and was raised in Salzburg / Austria. Read more ▸

Veera Launonen (b.1989) is a Kuopio based visual artist who works with moving image, sound and photography. Read more ▸

Lauri Hei is a poet, visual artist and software developer living in Kuopio. Read more ▸

Future DiverCities

Lab Artists 2018

Sanna From is a dance artist concentrating on social possibilities in arts. She has been taking part in developing ways to utilize the expertise of dance artists in promotion of learning, social equality and wellbeing.

Sanna is a graduated dance pedagogue (Danshögskolan 2000) and in 2014, she also studied in the ”Artist as Developer” programme of Theatre Academy of University of Arts, Helsinki. Read more ▸

Riina Hannuksela is a dance artist working for diversity and inclusion. She works outside art institutions, in public space and usually with non-professionals. She is inspired by everyday life and is always ready to play.

Hannuksela has MA in Cultural History (2006) and BA in Dance Pedagogy (2010). Read more ▸

Joseph Keckler is singer, musician, writer and visual artist. He was recently described as a “major vocal talent who shatters the conventional boundaries of classical singing” by The New York Times and was once named the “Best downtown performance artist” in NYC by The Village Voice. Read more ▸

Bart Witte is a founding member of Expodium collective, educated as an artist in Genk, Utrecht and Melbourne. His work is concentrating on international networks, commissions and projects and developed systems to research specific local situations. Read more ▸

Future DiverCities

Lab Artists 2017

Joseph O’Farrell (JOF) is a multi-art performer, producer, curator, musician and lecturer making work between Melbourne and London.
JOF creates large-scale installation/theatre works with, and for, community that celebrates diversity and brings people together in hilarious and unlikely situations.

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Davor Sanvincenti (b.1979) is a International multimedia artist from Croatia specifically interested in a field of audiovisual phenomenology and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions. His work plays with the concept of illusion, exploring the possible boundaries of perception and the construction of experience.

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Anne Roquigny is an independent French media art curator specialised in hybrid digital projects; networks, Internet, and sound and visual arts. She is the creator of the Webjays project, an innovative public display for curating and exhibiting online projects. Her performances, shows, workshops, conferences and publications have been presented internationally at renown venues, festivals and museums.

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Nastja Säde Rönkkö (b.1985) is an artist working internationally. She creates projects that explore presence, intimacy and love across human interactions and social rituals, from the everyday to the profound. Performance, video, text, the Internet and various social interventions are used as an extension or outcome of the projects.

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Future DiverCities

Lab Artists 2016

Anniina Aunola is a Finnish dance artist and pioneer in community art.

Aunola is based in Kuopio, Finland and holds an MA in dance pedagogy from the Helsinki Theatre Academy (1999). She is also qualified as a special educator from the University of Eastern Finland.

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HC Gilje has moved between installation, experimental video, live performance and set design since he graduated from the intermedia department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim in 1999.

Since 2006 Gilje started working on the long term project Conversations with spaces, taking elements from his earlier practice: exploration of physical spaces in his videos, creation of spaces in his stage work and improvisation from his live work. Read more ▸

Antye Greie-Ripatti is a digital songwriter, sound composer, poetess, curator and educator.

Born 1969 in East Germany she now lives and works in Hailuoto, Finland. Known as Laub, AGF and poemproducer. Antye’s focus in work includes the relationship between language, voice, sound, humanity and the machine. Medium are records, audiovisual live performance, digital communication, sound installations, commissions for movies and theater.

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The Constitute uses the potency of academic research, artistic practice and economic reason to create outstanding and unique objects, processes and experiences. Their work relies on interiors as well as exteriors, visual language for public space, digital and physical expressions and the poetic qualities of misuse, error and inspiration.

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Future DiverCities

Past events


Open to public 3.-14.9. 13.00-17.30
H-talo | Haapaniemenkatu 20
Accessible Event

ANTI Festival hosts the fourth Future DiverCities  Lab in Kuopio before and during the festival! Read more ▸

Community Center Pinari | Pyörönkaari Street 19

ANTI Festival will host the third Future DiverCities  Lab in Kuopio before and during the festival!

In the Lab, artists from different artistic backgrounds and around the globe work together in the frame work of the Future DiverCities project, in relation to each other, the local environment and community, sharing practices and engaging members of the community in artistic interventions.
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Wednesday 26.9. 17.00
Community centre Pinari | Pyörönkaari 19



The pie is free, AND we will PAY YOU 5 euro to hand in your phone and join us for a stroll in the rain! Read more ▸

Thursday 26th April 2018 from 3 pm.
ANTI OFFICE | Nahkurinkatu 1, Kuopio, Finland

Design Week Kuopio 2018 programme!

Let’s reveal the creative face of Kuopio!

Divercities app is a transnational digital tool that associates European cities: Kuopio, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Read more ▸


ANTI Festival will be hosting the second Future DiverCities Lab in Kuopio prior and during the festival. Four international artists will be exploring how digital technologies can augment socially engaged arts practices. Read more ▸

Saturday 16.9.
14:00 – 17:00 Pinari at Petonen district | Pyörönkaari Street 19

The Future DiverCities Lab Artists, Joseph O’Farrell, Anne Roquigny, Davor Sanvincenti, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Chris Higgins together with Anniina Aunola, Emma Fält, Eerika Jalasaho and Ilkka Kivelä, artists local to Kuopio

invite everyone to come and meet them and see what they are planning in Petonen!

Wednesday 20.9.
Starting at 14:00 Pinari youth centre | Pyörönkaari Street 19

This year, ANTI Festival takes the Future DiverCities Lab artists to suburb, to the Petonen district in Kuopio. The artists work in relationship with each other, the aims of the Future DiverCities project as well as with artists and communities local to Kuopio.

On Wednesday 20th, the Lab artists will arrange a Wheelie Jam and other enjoyable acts in collaboration with the local youth. This is for both young and adult people, welcome! Read more ▸


ANTI Festival will host an experimental artist residency “Lab” as a part of the Future DiverCities project in Kuopio. This will be the first of the 19 Artist Labs which will test and develop the practical approaches of Future DiverCities vision and mission.

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Saturday 29.10.2016

11.00 – 13.00 Matkus Shopping Center, 2nd floor | Matkuksentie Street 60
20.00 – Restaurant Puikkari  | Maaherrankatu Street 5

The Future DiverCities Lab Artists will stage an intervention at Matkus, the biggest shopping mall of Kuopio to collect contributions – data on sonic memories, hope and discomfort – from the local people! The overmapping concept contains multiple layers and will be presented in form of a light and map installation during the ANTI Prize Party in the restaurant Puikkari.

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Thursday 27.10.2016

17.00 Bistro Wine & Deli | Minna Canthin katu 16

At the PechaKucha Kuopio vol. 12, the Future DiverCities Lab Artists and The Map Consortium will share their practice and after work moods in images!

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Saturday 29.10.2016

17.30 – 18.30 Kuopio Academy of Design | Piispankatu Street 8

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and the international Future DiverCities – Creativity in an Urban Context project will take part in the Curators’ Day organized by the local artist association Ars Libera.
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Monday 24.10.2016

18.00-20.00 Mylly – Luovien alojen keskus | Kuninkaankatu Street 7, 3rd floor

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and Future DiverCities project invite artists and creatives and everyone interested in developing city culture and digital innovation to get together in Kuopio!

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