ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival
13–18 September 2022

ANTI Festival is undergoing a year of transformation. Just like the festival looking for its own, new path – while always sprawling out of any pre-defined positions – through the works selected for this year’s festival we will get on a journey. Many of the artworks also examine connections between different periods of time and use collective rituals to look for things that we still can – or find it impossible to – believe in and commit to in a world overshadowed by crises.

Many of the artists presenting their work at the festival have in common a desire to look past our anthropocentric worldview and, instead, immerse themselves in a connection with plants and other non-human things. We also get to explore significant places in the festival city and dream of a Kuopio of the future. We will establish a space in the city centre that allows anyone to examine the social and bodily meanings related to clothing by sewing, knitting, discussing, and spending time.

Once again, the festival week will culminate with the announcement of the winner of the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art. We will also get to experience the artworks of previous years’ winners at this year’s festival.

The detailed programme schedule will be available on our new website that will be released on 12th August. Download the FESTIVAL SCHEDULE (LINK) for temporary use behind the link!

Bookings can be made through the new website starting from the 12th August.

After reading books on
NATO, EU, Cold War,
I wondered:

How does theory turn into art?
History -> Beauty???

After all that reading, what should I do?
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Unending love, or love dies, on repeat like it’s endless is a choreography that reflects on the relations of desire, dance, fragmentation, love (as communality), loss and time. Read more ▸

Intermission (2022) is a feature length structured improvisation framed by a theme of the other within. Produced entirely onsite in Kuopio through a six week residency from August 1 to the opening in September 12-19 with a team of artist friends and the citizens of the town. The performance exploits the building of Kuopio City Theatre as a public physical object of representation. Approximately 60 minutes, the live work is divided into three timed 20 minute stages. It begins firstly in the carpark, moving to the outdoor amphitheatre and culminating in the foyer.

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For centuries, plants have been preserved by pressing and drying. Creating a herbarium is an ancient tradition: plants as organisms from which we humans can learn. They enhance our perception, heal and nourish us, but they can also harm or poison us.

We may remember our ancient, spiritual relationship with plants, as the basis of our life on earth. With all our senses, we want to learn from them and be inspired to act.

Herbarium is a sensory experience. A performative space designed to explore the senses of smell, hearing and touch. Read more ▸

In December 2021 Nahuel Cano was traveling from Amsterdam to Riga. I, Janis Balodis, picked him up from a ferry in Klaipeda, and we were driving to Riga. It was late in the evening, already dark, and a severe snow storm started right after we left Klaipeda. We decided to take a smaller road and there we hit the deer.

The Last Night of the Deer is a story about that one December evening when we visited Lidl, refueled LPG in Viada and met an anthropologist there, hit the deer, crushed a skull, got covered with blood and feces, were running from dogs and were barely accepted in a taxi. It is a story about all-too-human forests and more than human spirits that inhabit it. Read more ▸

Oh Europa is a labour of love; a project that spans a continent and cuts straight to the heart. Read more ▸

Shared Futures is a long term, multiform collaboration that invites people to imagine futures. At the ANTI Festival the artists Emma Fält, Roberto Fusco, Anna-Maria Väisänen and a group of 60+ people are presenting the following parts of the project. Read more ▸

We will collaborate with the deufert&plischke (DE) collective to set up A Worn World space in Kuopio city centre that invites visitors to spend their time, examine the social and bodily meanings related to clothing, and sew, knit, and have discussions. Read more ▸

THE CHURCH is a cavalcade of purification, a pleasure procession and a train of creation. It is a parade of worship, of initiations, endings and new beginnings. A ritual and rite that appears three times in the cover of night. Read more ▸

Plant Based Stories by Pia Sirén, Mirella Pendolin and Ilona Valkonen (FI) is a project spanning several years that also involves discovering our relationship with nature. In the first phase of the project, an oasis open to everyone appears in Kuopio city centre. Anyone can go to the oasis to create and dress up plant sculptures and share stories inspired by the plant kingdom during the activity.

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The Residency Program for Impossible Performance with the Reality Research Center (FI), and Anna Cadia (FI) is starting a two-year residency at the festival, during which they will search for, examine and probe non-binary realities and stages. This work in progress will already be shared this year, and Binary The Trilogy will be premiered at the 2023 ANTI Festival. Read more ▸

Students from Aalto University (FI) will carry out diverse projects, interventions, performances and exhibitions in public spaces. This project is part of a long-term collaboration between ANTI Festival and Aalto University, in which the festival serves as a platform for a course in artistic research. Read more ▸

Conceived and devised by artist River Lin for the framework of Shortlist LIVE of ANTI Contemporary Art Festival and the Kuopio City Library, My Body is a Queer Library is work composed by a series of live actions such as dance, story-telling, workshop, fashion show and other acts in an actual library.

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I live in a house with a door is a performance work in which Liz Rosenfeld explores the material of flesh through a narrative of cruising, erotic potential, environmental futures and discursive time. Read more ▸

Stitching up the sea is a durational performance ritual and meditation, exploring the fragility and vulnerability of people, the physical environment and intangible cultural heritage of the Moana. Read more ▸

Black on Black is a solo dance performance by Zinzi Minott that explores Queerness, Blackness and the body as an archive. Read more ▸