ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival

In 2015, the international ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival will run between 1st and 6th September alongside the Kuopio Marathon. This surprising partner is part of the festival's new artistic concept: over the next few years, ANTI will no longer be an event which simply takes place once a year and in the same format, but will be organised with different partners to coincide with non-artistic events.

The 2015 ANTI, inspired by the Kuopio Marathon, will feature themes of endurance, fitness, sports and training. The festival programme will be completed in the spring and summer, and already includes three energetic and challenging, large-scale works!

Programme 2015

Heather Cassils, who won the first ever ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art in 2014, will return to Kuopio.

Kuopio, Finland is located 210 kilometers from the Russian border. Cassils’ new site specific performance addresses the proximity of the ANTI Festival to a country where queer and trans lives are acutely vulnerable and under siege, lacking any protection under civil law. Read more ▸

Heather Cassils performs the new live performance The Powers That Be (210 kilometers) in Kuopio. In addition, ANTI presents a series of Cassils’s video pieces.

Inextinguishable Fire speaks to the radical unrepresentability of certain forms of trauma and violence. Read more ▸

Heather Cassils performs the new live performance The Powers That Be (210 kilometers) in Kuopio. In addition, ANTI presents a series of Cassils’s video pieces.

In Hard Times, Cassils’s initial work using the figure of Tiresias, the artist performs wearing a prosthetic mask, a frosted blonde wig, and the deep bikini tan of a female bodybuilder. Read more ▸

When Pheidippides was sent to Athens to deliver the news about Persia’s defeat in the Battle of Marathon, he ran 42 kilometres non-stop, burst into the Athenian assembly, delivered the message and died on the spot. Fun Run is his story!

Tristan Meechan and Bec Reid lead the All The Queens Men team creating a running event – with a twist – an endurance performance spectacle – in Kuopio Market Square on Friday 4th September! Read more ▸

Traditionally, sports arenas have been stages for perfect physiques and world-class performances; sites of intense struggle for victory and world records, where pride and joy for the success of the home team or the favourite athlete is felt.

Fields of Glory, directed by choreographer Jarkko Partanen, is a fictional sports event and an opening ceremony in which traditional heroics are abandoned and diversity is celebrated. Read more ▸

MASTERCLASS #antiadultrun
Calling all runners and non-runners aged 10-100 years old!

Eager to re-enact the pleasure of running that you sometimes forget with the elaborate training programme that you have designed?
No longer feeling liberated but instead bullied by your Garmin, Fuel or Fitbit? Read more ▸

Artist vickiweitz will run for 26.2 hours along a pedestrian street in Kuopio. Starting at the same time as Kuopio Marathon (11 am. on Saturday 5th September) vickiweitz will run until 1.20pm on Sunday 6th September. She will run in silence. The audience is warmly invited to sit and watch her, support her, join her in silence and/or run with her. Read more ▸

Video installation, Coming Back is about people returning to the limits they temporarily transcend when they run a marathon. This work records their first moments after Kuopio runners return from a marathon and slowly return to themselves. Read more ▸

An underwater deep listening experience in Kuopio Swimming Pool!

In Wet Sounds, the pool is transformed into a live resonating music space. Sound travels 4.5 times quicker in water than in air and is perceived by the bones and the inner ear. Underwater the sound is clear, immediate and intimate. Read more ▸

How a horse experiences the thrill of speed?

Kuopio-based artist Johanna Väisänen is bringing a video installation, entitled HEAT, to this year’s ANTI Festival. The work will be exhibited at the Kuopio Marathon start line, in the Kuopio Hall on 4th and 5th September. Read more ▸

ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art Ceremony on Friday 4th September 2015 at 6 pm. at Kuopio Music Centre (Kuopionlahdenkatu 23, Kuopio, Finland)!

ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art will be awarded for the second time during ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival in Kuopio in 1-6 September 2015. The six nominees for the award are Marilyn Arsem (US), Saara Hannula (FI), Myriam Lefkowitz (FR), Bob & Roberta Smith (UK), Voina Collective (RU) and Willoh S.Weiland (AU). Read more ▸

Participation, endurance, drama, entertainment, wellbeing, spectatorship; what is the shared ground between sport and art?

The French writer Roland Barthes describes sport as effort made ‘in order to speak the human contract’, aligning the various aesthetic, political and social dynamics of sport with that of its cultural cousin. As ANTI Festival collaborates with Kuopio Marathon to produce a unique programme of live events, leading artists, writers and academics meet to discuss how contemporary arts and sport might speak to one and other. Read more ▸

Tuesday 1st September 8 pm. (Mylly, Minna Canthin katu 4 A, 4th floor)

Public Space – for Us? deals with the themes of urban spaces and their usage. What kinds of possibilities or restrictions are related to using public spaces, to whom do they belong and what there can be done? Presenters explore the theme from the perspectives of their personal backgrounds. Read more ▸

Wednesday 2nd September 8 pm. (Restaurant Pannuhuone, Kauppakatu 25)

Inspired by the collaboration between ANTI Festival and Kuopio Marathon, ANTI’s PechaKucha Night vol. 9 will be about running. The presentations explore running from various points of view – as a hobby, profession, relaxation, sports or a way of life. Read more ▸