ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival


In reinterpreting the simple human activity of walking as a filmed event, Street walks -Kuopio picks up on a juncture between the real and the potential for staged fictions. Local volunteers are filmed at walking speed from a moving vehicle, creating a continuous scenography of everyday activity. Here walking, reframed by the camera’s lens, asks us to consider the city streets as theatrical spaces, juxtaposing the built-environment with the protagonist’s endless trajectory. Read more ▸

Crossing the Rönö Bridge back and forth while weaving red thread along its side, Eva Weaver will create a clearly visible red field, transforming the bridge into a momentary sculpture. Read more ▸

Search Party are throwing down the gauntlet. They challenge you, the people of Kuopio, to a marathon game of Ping-Pong.

Spectators and passers-by are invited to form a team and compete against Search Party. Come and represent Kuopio! Come and support your home team! Sing! Chant! Wear your heart on your sleeve! Take your top off and swing it around your head! Beat Search Party at their own game! Read more ▸

A story-telling café for the whole family to visit.

As Johanna Lecklin’s Story Café travels around the world she invites visitors to tell her a story. In exchange for stories Johanna offers visitors a drink and the chance to sit, relax and listen to other stories collected from her travels. Read more ▸

A performance installation presented to one audience member at a time.

Call the problem guy to discuss your problem. No problem too big, no problem too small. Read more ▸

An unexpected man alerts car drivers to the end of a nonexistent race… Read more ▸

Chicago-based artist Christa Donner will interview groups of local teenagers to ask for their advice on dealing with illness, injury, and body-image issues. The artist will then transcribe and translate these brief interviews into photocopied brochures and distribute them by hand across Kuopio. Read more ▸

A well-lit apartment with an energy that runs through the building, with a good frame, in a dream location. Good layout, great view and full of nice little details. In good shape, with carefully detailed surfaces. Frame condition checked -05. A unique custom-made property. Read more ▸

For ANTI Festival Davida Hewlett will collaborate with Finland’s acclaimed band Astro Can Caravan to create a song for Kuopio. Read more ▸

We are living in a world of virtual opinions. Gallup polls, blogs, internet discussions boards, interactive TV-shows, text message voting, you name it! But what issues would you stand for – or run for – in a sports stadium, in front of an audience?

Read more ▸

On a Voyage focuses the childhood dream of taking the simplest of means – a sheet of paper and a little imagination – and using it to create a vehicle with which to travel into unlimited realms of fantasy. In becoming reality, the dream loses its sense of unlimited possibility, thus revealing that it is in precisely this quality that its true essence lies. Read more ▸

Plan b –Sophia New and Daniel Rogers- have collected all the text messages they have sent each other for over a year and a half now and number nearly 600. Text messages – 160 characters that tell of love, homesickness, fear, anger as well as where to meet and what shopping to buy. Read more ▸



Paul Gazzola (AU/DE): Street Walks – Kuopio

Eva Weaver (DE/UK): Red Crossing

Search Party (UK): Search Party vs. Kuopio

Johanna Lecklin (FI): Story Cafe

Chris Dupuis (CA): What’s your problem?

Katherine Hymers (UK): Closer

Werther Germondari (IT): Traguardo

Christa Donner (US): ANTIbody project

Curious (UK): On the Scent

xxx-ryhmä (FI): 51 performances

Hanna Pajala-Assefa (FI): Showing

Davida Hewlett (CA/UK) with Astro Can Caravan (FI): Untitled- as of yet, a song for a ANTI Festival and Kuopio

Anu Pennanen & Laura Horelli (FI/DE): Väinölänniemi Honour run

Frank Bölter (DE): On a Voyage

plan b (DE/UK): A message for you

Liisa Haverila / Akashapushpa (FI): Da Capo