Future DiverCities: Artist Lab


ANTI Festival will host an experimental artist residency ”Lab” as a part of the Future DiverCities project in Kuopio. This will be the first of the 19 Artist Labs which will test and develop the practical approaches of Future DiverCities vision and mission.

4 artists from the field of urban, street, digital or music/sound art will work in the framework of dialogical aesthetics, have multidisciplinary approaches, be experienced in participatory, collaborative processes and working with diverse communities.

The results and non-results of the working period will be shared in different forms during the ANTI Prize Weekend. The Lab will create a pop-up programme for the ANTI Prize Weekend: new public performances and other interventions by the Lab artists will be added also during it!

The Lab will take place in Kuopio and will run parallel to the events surrounding the ANTI Prize Weekend. It will provide an opportunity for artists to experiment, collaborate and engage ith the citizens and urban context of Kuopio. It will be the starting point for testing and exploring the challenges and possibilities for some of the key themes of the Future DiverCities project.

The Lab will be hosted by ANTI in partnership with creative facilitators The Map Consortium (UK) and artists local to Kuopio.

The Lab Artists

Anniina Aunola (FI)
Antye Greie-Ripatti (DE/FI)
HC Gilje (NO)
Jens Beyer / The Constitute (DE)


The Map Consortium and the Lab Artists are exploring each other, the project and the city in Kuopio. Photo: Pekka Mäkinen

Future DiverCities: Artist Lab

Future DiverCities – Creativity in an Urban Context

Future DiverCities is an innovative international collaboration between 9 cultural organisations from 8 countries, supported by the Creative Europe (European Union programme for the cultural and creative sectors). From September 2016, this 4 years experimentation will aim at exploring new models of creation and dissemination that support, for the future, cultural diversity and alternative ecosystems.

What shall we do with the explosion of creativity brought to us by the new digital era? It has provided tools for interaction and collaboration, but at the same time global corporations have imposed their own rules and economy on the creative industries and public. The consequences?