Safer space

ANTI Festival is a discrimination-free event

We do not tolerate racism, ageism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, ableism, class discrimination or comments on people's bodies.

All of us, including the event organisers, artists, technical staff, partners and audience members, work together to make sure that the ANTI Festival is a place safe for everyone. This can be ensured by following the below instructions:

Let's not make any assumptions of people's identities, gender, sexual orientation, background, body or experiences – and let’s not inquire about these issues. Everyone has the right to tell what they feel is necessary and meaningful about themselves.

Let's not use language that others may find offensive or oppressive. Being precise about how we use language is not about nit-picking but a matter of promoting a safe space.

Let's treat each other with respect and equality, and respect other people's boundaries.

Let's be aware of our own prejudices and privileges, and respond to constructive criticism appropriately and by correcting our behaviour.

Nobody is perfect and we are bound to fail occasionally. Let's encourage each other to take responsibility for our words, actions and missteps.

Let's enjoy ANTI Festival together!

ANTI Festival wishes to promote a diverse and equal art sphere. At the same time, we acknowledge that everyone in the festival staff and board is white and privileged in many other ways. While we have succeeded in giving prominence to art creators from diverse and marginalised backgrounds in our artistic activities, we have failed to increase diversity within our own organisation.

We aim to organise our events in accessible spaces, but the artistic content of some of the work presented at the festival requires facilities whose accessibility cannot be ensured. Thank you for your understanding.

We are constantly assessing the activities of our organisation, wish to learn more and will gladly welcome your concrete suggestions: