We want to offer a safe festival experience for you. We follow the instructions of the authorities to protect our audiences’ and artists’ and staff members’ health.

Together we will create a safe ANTI Festival experience to all!

We kindly ask you to

Book your seat (0€) in advance: or register at our venues.

Participate in the festival only when you are healthy. In case you feel sick, please stay home to rest and follow the festival in social media.

Keep a safe distance to others. We will remind you of this during your visit.

Wash your hands regularly throughout the day or use hand sanitizer in situations where washing your hands is not possible. We offer possibility to hand-wash and/or hand sanitizer at all our venues.

We recommend to wear a mask in situations where it is not possible to keep a safe distance to others. We sell ANTI masks at the Festival Info and offer dispensable masks at our venues.

No handshaking, no hugging. We send you lots of warm remote hugs!

The recommendations of the authorities may change. We do our best to update the current instructions on this page.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Planning to travel to Kuopio, Finland from abroad? See the current travel restrictions here (link)!

ANTI Festival’s actions for a COVID safe festival experience

We follow the regulations set by the Finnish Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI), Eastern Finland, and the recommendations of the Finnish health care authorities.

All our guests coming from abroad will present a certificate of an approved full-course COVID-19 vaccination OR a confirmation of having been infected with COVID-19 within the past 6 months OR will be referred to the COVID-19 test at their point of entry and within 3–5 days of arrival in Finland.

The number of viewers, in our events, follows the current guidelines set by the authorities, and several works can be experienced alone or in small groups.

Participation in our performances requires booking in advance or registration at the venues.

We offer a possibility to hand-wash and/or hand sanitizer at all our venues. A hand-wash point in all in-door venues.

Queuing to bigger events will take place outdoors. We aim at organising two entrances whenever it’s possible.

We aim at organising audience seats so that we can keep the distance to others. We strongly recommend to wear face masks in theatre audiences and similar gathering spaces.

We actively remind our audiences of the safety instructions.

We greet our guests from a distance; no handshaking, no hugging.

We follow instructions set by the authorities. We do our best to update the current instructions on this page.

Hand sanitizer provided by