ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival

The 15th international ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival will take place between 22nd and 28th February 2016 in Kuopio and the skiing centre Tahko. The festival has usually been held in september, but now we are conquering new grounds in the wintertime.

The festival programme includes renowned international and Finnish artists from the fields of live art, environmental art and contemporary music. There will also be two dance pieces, a seminar, a workshop for children and a PechaKucha Night.

- We’ve wanted to present a winter ANTI for many years. It began as a mad thought: ANTI, a festival without walls taking on sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice. But finally here we are with a programme of Finnish and international artists offering a unique encounter with the Finnish winter, says Gregg Whelan, the Artistic Director of the festival.



Terje Isungset (NO): Ice Music
A concept pioneered by Norwegian jazz musician Terje Isungset. In Ice Music, the skills of ice carvers and top musicians will be mixed to create a unique musical experience.

Tomi Paasonen (FI): World Cup Bling Troopers
an animalistic group of creatures dancing through the city of Kuopio and the skiing centre Tahko. How to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey (AU): Shriek
An interactive sound installation, building up on the ice of Tahkolahti lake during the festival week.

Haapala, Lahti & Lehtonen (FI): Rave for MAD (ANTI after ski remix)
The party will be hosted by two dancer-DJ’s and a media artist. The group combines experimental dance art with underground club culture.

Other Spaces (FI): Winter Wandering
a collective practice and performance - a wintry journey to other spaces. Sign up in advance: production@antifestival.com.

Mikko Oravainen & Jaakko Prättälä (FI): HUMAN/NATURE
a sound piece in dialogue with the environment we see from the Festival Bus. The work comments interesting spots by the route - the ones where the interaction between human and nature is visible.

ANTI Seminar: Weather and Imagination
A unique meeting between meteorologists, theatre and culture researchers, artists and writers! Sign up: production@antifestival.com.

PechaKucha Kuopio vol. 10: This Inspires Me!

Festival Bus
ANTI Festival provides its audience with bus transportation, free of charge, from Kuopio to Tahko and back from Thursday to Sunday. HUMAN/NATURE will be experienced in the bus.



ANTI Prize Weekend 

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival presents a new event celebrating today’s most explosive live artists. ANTI Prize Weekend will take place around the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art between 27th and 29th October 2016 in Kuopio, Finland.

In the three-day-long event we will award the world’s only, international prize for live art and present a new commissioned work, Artefact by last year’s winner, Australian Willoh S.Weiland. Our Creative Europe Programme project Future DiverCities will also be presented for the first time to public. The event will feature a club programme, audience workshops, 
artist talks and a PechaKucha Night.



A new event celebrating today’s most explosive live artists