ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival


Dance and choreography: Jukka Ristolainen. A dive without an encounter. Through carnal and cultural layers. The audience as witnesses. The cellar as a place refers to the base of all living, also in the human body. In the cellar the private and the public meet up. Read more ▸

Water-pipe comprises of Gertrude Stein’s (1874-1946) text Water-pipe (1916), discharged during the performance when spoken aloud by Carl Knif. The performance is located at an authentic construction site pit with its water pipes at the meeting point of day and night.

On Friday we buy lovesongs sung by residents of Kuopio. On Saturday we sell the Kuopioans’ lovesongs. The trio will erect, onto the market place, a “sound studio” inside which they will invite all passers-by to sing about love. This two-day process will evolve into an integrated whole, the end product of which will be a sound piece/CD consisting of the lovesongs sung by the locals. Read more ▸

Media artist Jari Haanperä’s We! is a piece about togetherness constructed with the aid of light sound and objects. It endeavours to arouse ideas of belonging together and of the fear of becoming an outsider. It is good to observe one’s own place and behaviour for a moment from a bit further away as We! are all here.

The swimming pool hall will be filled with music and a rapid stream of images. Seppo Renvall brings to Kuopio the first long experimental feature film made in Finland. Its filming took a year to complete and it contains both abstract images and home video. The Manchester duo DJ Mashjam has provided the soundtrack for the film. Read more ▸

Fathom questions our relationship to the landscape of water, and explores aspects of gendered or nationalistic diffrences in this relationship. Read more ▸

Light, like language, can not be seen leaving, only arriving and yet within: there’s always the sense of its travel. Peter Evans invites the audience to send messages with a pair of devices using the Morse code. The messages, that travel as light from one device to the other, not only have an effect on the here and now but also exist in a different time and place. Your friend living hundreds of miles away is thinking of you – you are not aware of it yourself but something you have done in the past is currently having an effect on a different time and place.

Aberrated Torsion is a long-time project of the performance artist Peter J. Evans. He has performed the piece in several different countries.

The work will consist of a series of life size drawings presented in the passageway of the railway station. The drawings will document the performances and artists of the ANTI-festival in a mural or frieze. Photographic documentation of each performance in the festival will be converted into a drawing on the wall of the passage.

Christopher Hewitt has been involved in the field of Performance Art for over 15 years. Originally based in London he is not leader of the ‘Crossing Borders’ degree programme at the Turku Arts Academy.

The british duo Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters will be taking denizens of the city on a guided tour around Kuopio. As tour guides they promise a lot of stops as well as speech.

Lone Twin has produced performances around Europe since 1997. With these performances they explore the problematic nature of place, travel and orientation. Their works are humorous and easily approachable.

The joint project Princess Betelgeuze, Princess Algieba and Princess Bellatrix Travel Around the Baltic Sea of Kaarina Ormio, Elin T Sørensen (NO) and Jaan Pärnamäe (EST) began in 1997. Having arrived from the stars the two fairytale princesses and prince have visited Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Eastern Karelia, the area of the Vepse, Åland, Swedish Lapland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and the Livonians in Courland. We are expecting princess Algieba to arrive in Kuopio. With her piece the artist hopes to make people believe more of the existence of the fairy-tale and to perceive the suspicious nature of reality.

Team: Reilika Landen, Peter Nash, Viljami Ovaskainen and Ville Vauras. The team aims to create a piece, the creation process of which is an art in itself. The piece will be carried out by means of firing teddy bears that have been dipped in paint on to a canvas with a catapult measuring approx. 2.5 metres in height. The catapult will function as though it were a brush that depicts the destructive power of man-made technology.

Very Synthetic Art Production Company is a team of artists founded in the spring of 2002 and it consists both of students and professionals of visual and lighting art.

The photographs displayed within the underground parking facilities are a part of Kela and Parrilla’s Professional Teenagers -photography project that explores the development of young people’s identity and the symbolism of leaving one’s mark within youth culture by means of photography and video. Kela and Parrilla are especially interested in the enhancement of gender identity and the manifestation of this as a form of body art. Leena Kela and Suvi Parrilla have both attended the Crossing Borders in Performing Arts -course in the Turku Arts Academy since the year 2000.

Only sounds remain and even they will disappear. A sound piece from the machinery workshop to the railway station. The state railway machinery workshop in Kuopio will be shut down by the end of the year. The Korpelas have preserved some of the workshop by means of recording sounds and by collecting artifacts and by taking pictures. In the station entry hall the sounds will sound together like they were music, by discussing with one another and by giving each other impulses.

Visual artist Kristiina Korpela and sound and lighting design student at the Theatre Academy of Finland Riikka Korpela will produce their environmental and communal piece together with employees of the state railway machinery workshop.

The piece, consisting of autumn-coloured leaves, is a poetic depiction of nature’s ability to regenerate and reform. A passer-by can dive inside the work and experience it through all sensory modalities.

Hans-Christian Berg graduated in the spring from the department of glass and ceramics at the University of Art and Design Helsinki as well as from the Academy of visual arts. Mika Ihanus will graduate this year as Master of Art from the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Live music, speech, writings, sounds and the integral, clear and breathing movement of the dancers are basic elements in a piece that studies speechlessness and the difficulty of saying things aloud. How to recognise and name emotions and events in one’s own history that have separated language, feelings and the body from one another? Read more ▸

In her performance Kausalainen wants to carry and transport passers-by a short distance, to share a moment with them. Her piece is based on the first hand experience of how rarely a grown-up person gets to enjoy to liberating feeling of being carried.

Essi Kausalainen is on her fourth year as a student at the Turku Arts Academy on the Crossing Borders in Performing Arts and all through her studies she has constantly produced performanve art and experimental theatre in addition to acting in short films.

In his works Haino explores rhythm, space and breathing. He seeks the moment of birth as well as the intrinsic breathing in music, motion and words. Haino wants his music to influence all the senses of the listener and to make the audience inquire about the original meaning of existence.

Keiji Haino has performed since the 70’s in various avant-garde musical ensembles in his native Japan as well as in Europe and in the US. Today he most often performs in the guise of a vocalist, percussionist and guitarist. In his works he uses a saw, a hurdy-gurdy, a sound generator and a countless number of ethnic and ancient instruments.

The solo piece investigates the otherness of being a woman, the displacement, sexual and ethnic identity as well as memories. As background material Carnesky has used the experiences, past and present, of eastern European immigrant and refugee women. The piece is constructed of six short episodes in which text, choreography, visual spectacle, illusions created with mirrors, experimental sound and documentary-like images get mixes. Read more ▸

The department store and the museum have often been compared to one another. In Riiko Sakkinen’s department store everything imaginable is for sale but there is nothing to see. It is useless but it works and the prices are equal to those of all other department stores in Kuopio.

Riiko Sakkinen graduated this year as Master of Art from the Helsinki Academy of Arts. In his installations, interventions and actions he uses ice cream, ham, dogs, mouse traps, buying and selling.

I want to be the graffitti painter of the library. I want to leave marks. I will turn the library walls into a diary. Wikholm wants to give people a surprising experience and produce art founded on an idea. In her opinion contemporary art can be powerful and full of an emotional charge without pictures and sculptures. In her piece she experiments with the idea of being seen when being invisible.

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