ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival



Seija Ahava-Foster & Emma Puikkonen (FI): Path – a passage from a park to a market place

Niran Baibulat (FI): Enviromental work

Andy Best & Merja Puustinen (UK/FI): Laughing my cuts out

Claire Blundell Jones (UK): Introducing Tumbleweed to the Finnish Landscape

Rosie Dennis (AU): Access all areas

Satu Palokangas (FI): Framings

Panther (AU): ANTI Playground – a new world order

Rebekah Rousi (AU/FI): The longest lecture marathon

Stuart Silver (UK): Music – untitled

the vacuum cleaner (UK): One hundred thousand pieces of possibility

Johanna Väisänen (FI): Words – axes, after whose stroke the wood rings

Simon Whitehead (UK): Burn

Aaron Williamson (UK): Shouting island