ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival



A web, a thread, a visualised idea of a continuum with multiple meanings. A space, a room or a corridor captivates the perceiver’s imagination whilst forcing the self to confront its place within space. Every moment ricochets onto an occupier of space and thus it creates communication. Read more ▸

A piece employing sound and light about the communication between a building and its surroundings. The idea of Condenser was to use such elements as exist on location that highlight essential features of the location and its function. Of the various elements of the piece, only the switching on and off of the condenser, which is a part of the cooling system, can alter the output of the piece. Read more ▸

Tutitus is based on the constant nightly replacing of a child’s pacifier, the semi-conscious reflex-like fumbling through the bars of the child’s cor, searching the pacifier and the perpetual misplacement of the pacifier. Losing the pacifier is a small tragedy. If one doesn’t count a few ancient performances, Tutitus is the first joint piece by Kalle and Pauliina Turakka-Purhonen. Read more ▸

Corbinian Böhm (1966) and Michael Gruber (1965), collectively known as Empfangshalle, place the so-called autonomous art object into pre-existing infrastructures through intervention. The audience has an integral role as it forms a part of said infrastructure. The audience may also have a key role in giving possible answers to age-old questions regarding art. Read more ▸

The choreography for a dancer and a bassoonist was born out of Timo Kortesmäki’s initiative and desire to play Karl Heinz Stockhausen’s 1977 piece, “In Freundschaft”. We studied the score as closely as possible. Not only did we want to learn the piece sound by sound but to also unearth influences for the choreography from the texture of the score, from musical directions as well as Stockhausen’s own impressions. Read more ▸

You might know what you look like, but have you any idea of what you sound like? Take a seat in the barber’s chair and Monsieur Juha can tell it to you, in a language you can understand. Juha Valkeapää has crossed artistic borders with his sound work, making sound worlds, sound installations, sound performances and sound theatre. He has worked in the sound theatre Iki-Turso and collaborated with a wide selection of artists and thus he has extensive experience in the expressive possibilities of sound.

Forty Duracell-bunnies will drum an ode to György Liget. Dancer Vera Nevanlinna’s performance piece Ode to Liget is a visual musical recital, where the 40 Duracell –bunnies create unpredictable rhythms and movement patterns in space. The piece simultaneously illustrates order and disorder, control and disarray, conservatism and quiet rebellion. Performers consist of the bunnies and dancer Marjo Laakkonen. Read more ▸

Eve Dent continues her Anchor Series –improvisation serial based on being in between spaces. The piece consists of the dialog between Dent’s body and the building, thus bringing empty and forgotten spaces to life and making unnoticed personal internal and external borders breathe. Her body functions as the anchor that makes poetic qualities of space visible. As an artist Eve Dent uses performance, photography and installation to question our understanding of our body and its surroundings. Read more ▸

There is no God without Man and the World.
There is no Man without God and the World.
There is no World without God and Man.

For Nikkilä industrial sounds are an endless source of inspiration, a a deus ex machina in those moments when ossified forms of traditional man-made music seem to be capable of nothing more than self-replication. Technology is our second nature and it’s not hard to see the nearly religious, metaphysical emotions aroused by it. The awe caused by new technological gadgets and the deep respect for them are their most common forms, but due to their uncommodifiability many others are seldom discussed, like hearing otherworldly voices in the middle of radiowave noise or experiencing heavy traffic as music. Read more ▸

Tellervo Kalleinen participated in the ANTI –Festival with her organic video project In the middle of a movie, that started in 2000 when she was living in Hamburg. Kalleinen posted adverts in newspapers and lampposts saying: ”Plan a movie scene in your home and give me a role in it”. Thus far Kalleinen has acted in about 50 homes in Hamburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, St. Petersburg as well as Iceland. At ANTI-Festival in the middle of a movie -scenes can be viewed in a genuine Kuopio home. Read more ▸

The piece formed of light sound and the presence of the artist is a metaphorical study of hope. Light represents hope and infinite possibilities, whereas to Kordys especially artificial light signifies a field of possibilities both in a real and ethereal sense. Kordys has chosen the 24-hour period to reflect the natural cycle of light and the way in which it is recreated within artificial space. Kordys will be wearing a pair of tunnel vision glasses throughout the entire lenght of the performance. Read more ▸

The performance artist Helena Bryant became a waitress and artist in residence at restaurant Rose for two nights. Sauce is an informal, comical and chaotic piece that develops as the residence progresses. Bryant serves customers with drinks with chitchat and performance art on the side. She will explore as well as play with her relationship with both the audience and the venue. Read more ▸

By using her body as location as well as material, live artist Kira O’Reilly’s vocabulary and modus operandi rise through the conceptions of trauma (wound) and stigma (mark) toward opening and spoiling the body, which leads to change and otherness.
All her works contain the activity of making marks, which is O’Reilly’s way of reacting to place, time and context. Read more ▸

Butoh -artist Saga Kobayashi’s piece is an improvisation based on the nonverbal communication between performer and audience. Kobayashi started her career in 1969 as an apprentice to the butoh grand master Tatsumi Hijikata. In the 1970’s Kobayashi founded her own group together with Ryuichi Tachibana. She is one of a few women, in a country traditionally ruled exclusively by men that have been able to show an inspiring example for younger generations of women. Read more ▸

Since the early nineties, more that three hundred women have been murdered in Ciudad Juárez- a city in northern Mexico, at the border with the United States -and a similar number have disappeared. While we were sleeping (the Juarez case) aims to register this tragic event while articulating the permissiveness that persists in Ciudad Juarez in relation to violence against women. In the performance she uses her body as a symbolic map that documents and reports the violence in fifty of the documented cases. Read more ▸

Jon is a London-based artist who chooses to work simultaneously inside and outside of the art context. Jon’s practice involves the continuous dismantling and dispersion of art forms and methodologies in an attempt to create work that is in harmony with the situation that it occurs in, increasing the level of its effect. Evolved from performance and installation art, his work operates around expanded ideas of location and the quiet piercing of social realities, which occurs through the application of abstract forms, rules and actions onto reality. Read more ▸