Future DiverCities: Launching to Kuopio

Saturday 29.10.2016

17.30 – 18.30 Kuopio Academy of Design | Piispankatu Street 8

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and the international Future DiverCities – Creativity in an Urban Context project will take part in the Curators’ Day organized by the local artist association Ars Libera.

In this open meeting we will discuss about the co-curation and the Artist Lab projects of the Future DiverCities. Also the artists of the Kuopio Lab will share their experiences of the past week.

Future DiverCities – Creativity in an Urban Context is an innovative international collaboration between 9 cultural organisations from 8 countries, supported by the Creative Europe (European Union programme for the cultural and creative sectors). From September 2016, this 4 years experimentation will aim at exploring new models of creation and dissemination that support, for the future, cultural diversity and alternative ecosystems.