Cassils (CA/US): Hard Times (video)

Heather Cassils performs the new live performance The Powers That Be (210 kilometers) in Kuopio. In addition, ANTI presents a series of Cassils’s video pieces.

In Hard Times, Cassils’s initial work using the figure of Tiresias, the artist performs wearing a prosthetic mask, a frosted blonde wig, and the deep bikini tan of a female bodybuilder. Bodybuilding is a sport with no other purpose than to present a “perfected” surface, and Cassils sees the construction of this unsustainable body as a stand-in for America’s insatiable appetite to consume. Hard Times is therefore the portrait of a social body that rots from the inside out.

Hard Times conquers TV screens of the gym Huippu for two hours!

Collect a Huippu pass from our Festival Centre and work out in the gym, free of charge during the show day between 12.00 and 18.00! Free entrance to the video piece.

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