Jarkko Partanen (FI): Fields of Glory Kuopio

Traditionally, sports arenas have been stages for perfect physiques and world-class performances; sites of intense struggle for victory and world records, where pride and joy for the success of the home team or the favourite athlete is felt.

Fields of Glory, directed by choreographer Jarkko Partanen, is a fictional sports event and an opening ceremony in which traditional heroics are abandoned and diversity is celebrated.

In the darkening September night a group of ordinary Kuopio citizens conquer the Väinölänniemi stadium. They reveal their strengths and weaknesses to cheering audiences in order to challenge both themselves and the spectators.

You can expect to see courage, passion, sweat, beauty, disappointment and adulation.

Choreography and direction: Jarkko Partanen
Text and dramaturgy: Anni Klein
Light and visual design: Samuli Laine
Sound design: Jussi Matikainen
Costume design: Laura Haapakangas
Choreographer’s assistant: Johannes Purovaara

Fields of Glory Kuopio is produced in collaboration with Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY), the Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland, Zodiak – the Center for New Dance and the Helsinki Festival.