International Seminar: Art of Endurance

Participation, endurance, drama, entertainment, wellbeing, spectatorship; what is the shared ground between sport and art?

The French writer Roland Barthes describes sport as effort made ‘in order to speak the human contract’, aligning the various aesthetic, political and social dynamics of sport with that of its cultural cousin. As ANTI Festival collaborates with Kuopio Marathon to produce a unique programme of live events, leading artists, writers and academics meet to discuss how contemporary arts and sport might speak to one and other.


13.00 Artistic director of ANTI Festival Gregg Whelan & Chair of the seminar Pia Houni: Opening

13.15-14.00 Matti Tainio (FI): Parallel Worlds (Key note lecture)

14.00-14.10 Penny Andrews (UK): Speed Endurance (Performance lecture)

14.10-14.40  Kai Syng Tan & Alan Latham (UK): Running into Each Other: RUN! RUN! RUN! A Collaboration

14.40-15.10 Coffee break

15.10-15.40 Vicki Weitz (UK): Running Beyond Language (Performance lecture)

15.40-16.00 Heather Cassils (CA/US): Artist Talk

16.00-16.30 Pia Houni (FI): What Moves the Artist? From myths to the every day – the moving and sensing artist

16.30-17.30 Panel conversation with Matti Tainio, Penny Andrews, Heather Cassils, Kai Syng Tan, Alan Lathan, Vicki Weitz & Gregg Whelan

Working language: English

Pia Houni (FI): PhD in theatre and drama, writer and researcher specialized in e.g. artists’ professional wellbeing.

Matti Tainio (FI): artist and resercher in visual arts with PhD study “Parallel Worlds. Art and Sport in Contemporary Culture” (2015).

Penny Andrews (UK): para-athlete (T36 sprinter) and visual/text/sonic artist.

Kai Syng Tan & Alan Latham  (UK): artist and researcher who run the RUN! RUN! RUN! International Body for Research, which investigates and promotes running as a creative and critical technology that can enable us to re-imagine the way we engage with the world. ANTI-ADULT RUN! RUN! RUN! MASTERCLASS #antiadultrun in the festival programme.

Vicki Weitz (UK): performance artist whose extraordinary endeavours are a critical investigation into the social role of motivation, support and achievement. Running Beyond Language in the festival programme.

Heather Cassils (CA/US): visual and performance artist and queer activist with a background in bodybuilding, boxing and film stunts. The Powers That Be (210 Kilometers) in the festival programme.

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