Cassils (CA/US): Inextinguishable Fire

Heather Cassils performs the new live performance The Powers That Be (210 kilometers) in Kuopio. In addition, ANTI presents a series of Cassils’s video pieces.

Inextinguishable Fire speaks to the radical unrepresentability of certain forms of trauma and violence. How can we enact empathy when our own situation is so removed from the atrocities of torture and war? The video piece articulates the space where this overlap occurs. This performance for the camera feature Cassils engaged in a treacherous fire stunt. Using techniques borrowed from Hollywood stunts, Cassils experiences the very real human terror of being lit on fire.

The video will be screened on an outdoor wall in Kuopio, Haapaniemenkatu 44.

ANTI arranges two PechaKucha Nights during the festival. PechaKucha is a simple and international presentation format that enables sharing creative work and thinking in an informal and funny way. Participants show 20 images, each for 20 seconds, one presentation being 6 minutes 40 seconds in total. This way, the format aims to keep people’s interest up and presentations fast-paced and concise.