plan b (DE/UK): A message for you

Plan b –Sophia New and Daniel Rogers- have collected all the text messages they have sent each other for over a year and a half now and number nearly 600. Text messages – 160 characters that tell of love, homesickness, fear, anger as well as where to meet and what shopping to buy.

Messages that fly across continents, straight into the pocket of the person you love, or remind you to buy a loaf of bread round the corner. Plan b will shout these messages across the expanse of the Väinölänniemi Stadium. Messages that are freed from their silent origins and become a crowds’ chant of love, loss, domestic detail and intimacy between two people. Come and join Dan’s team or Sophia’s team to shout these messages to each other from the opposite sides of the stadium. A collective act to honour the everyday as a new sport.

plan b (DE/UK)

Sophia New’s and Daniel Rogers’ work, both as plan b and as individual artists, covers a number of different contexts and media. Sophia works with video and video installations and Dan gives solo lecture performances and exhibitions of self-generated GPS maps. Together they make installations, works on paper, durational performances, locative media projects, walking and theatre pieces. Since 2002 when they made their first piece together, plan b has made over 20 projects, works that have been situated in open fields, city squares, stairwells, swimming pools, shop windows, galleries, hotel bedrooms, and on bicycles.