Jaana Klevering (FI): Kannattele!

Live music, speech, writings, sounds and the integral, clear and breathing movement of the dancers are basic elements in a piece that studies speechlessness and the difficulty of saying things aloud. How to recognise and name emotions and events in one’s own history that have separated language, feelings and the body from one another?

Jaana Klevering has acted for almost twenty years as a dynamic performer, choreographer and teacher. She has created numerous dance productions and has improvised in various groups, spaces and situations both in Finland and Europe.

Direction and choreography: Jaana Klevering, Music: Stepan Rak and kantele -improvisations, Kantele: Eija Kankaanranta, Videoprojevtion: Sini Haapalinna. PART 1, dance: Jaana Klevering, PART 2, dancers: Emilia Vepsäläinen, Satu Herrala, Hanna Onjukka, Anna-Maija Terävä.