Toimintaryhmä Olettamo (FI): Embroidered love songs

Sampo – perhaps the most traditional of Kuopio’s restaurants, serving great fish and even better schnapps – is the perfect place to host this homage to the love song. A group of women embroider the lyrics of love songs onto what will become a collection of tablecloths for the restaurant. At times they spontaneously break into song, singing the lyrics that they carefully stitch. You’re welcome to join and help with this daily act of slow writing, or to just sit and share a drink as the seamstresses celebrate the joys and sorrows of that fourletter word. Friday evening in Sampo will see a very special Love Song Karaoke, hosted by Birgitta Kuurne – come along and sing your heart out!

Toimintaryhmä Olettamo (FI)

Finnish performance group Toimintaryhmä Olettamo (known as Performance Group Ruokala Rehu until 2006) have worked extensively with ideas of participation and performance as social event. Presenting regularly across Finland and Europe.

Toimintaryhmä Olettamo are Arja Valkonen-Goldblatt, Ami Ihatsu, Anu Torikka, Leena Krekula, Mirja Ovaska, Anneli Kokko and Päivi