Shoji Kato (JP/FI) & Jani Mikkonen (FI): Descending

 Friday 30.10.      11.45 – 18.30
Saturday 31.10   
10.15 – 17.30
Sunday 1.11.        
10.15 – 13.30

Puijonnokka | Puijo forest


How can a cup of coffee lead us to a moment of bliss, an opening for new awareness and worldview?

This is a vision of Jani Mikkonen who is an award winning barista and the owner of Artisan Cafe in Helsinki. He has been determinedly creating art with coffee through a combination of scientific and sensual approaches. We have heard about Third Wave of Coffee but he has been pushing boundaries for the Fourth Wave which extends craftsmanship to experiences around coffee.

In collaboration with artist Shoji Kato, Mikkonen invites a group of audience to a hike, a pilgrimage to the outdoor site of a coffee ceremony.

To unleash our imagination and to encounter invisible and insensible things around us, the event of tasting coffee will be carried out discreetly and quietly. This refers to the historical usages of coffee among Sufis of Yemen (as a spiritual enhancer or awakening substance) and the art of Japanese tea which flourished in Japan in accordance with Zen culture from the 13th century, and developed into many different forms of tea ceremony. This project particularly refers to Nodate, outdoor tea ceremony.

The scenery, caffeine, wind, sounds, gestures and flavours will all affect us – we will be set off to a meta-journey at the moment of drinking. The bio-chemical, ecological, philosophical and social aspects all come together in this moment.

Balancing reasoning and intuition, being here and reaching there, this project aims to open up new dialogues and to cultivate sensitivity. A cup of coffee invites us to descend to something meaningful and surprising.

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Shoji Kato (JP/FI) & Jani Mikkonen (FI): Descending

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