Richard Dedomenici (UK): Performances

Having discovered that, due to the mild temperature in September, it would be impossible to blow frozen bubbles in Kuopio, Dedominici will demonstrate at Anti 04 a theoretical solution to such a problem. The performance involves the construction of a pipeline that could potentially be laid between Kuopio and the colder, northern regions of Finland. Following the performance, a text would be circulated explaining the performance’s rationale.

Dedominici’s performance is inspired by the fall of the Warsaw Radio Mast, the global search for undepleted oil reserves, and my ongoing project to design a lightweight, collapsible protest banner. Richard Dedomenici is a one-man subversive think-tank primarily dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative strategies designed to undermine accepted belief systems and topple existing power structures. By approaching the limits of conventionally acceptable behaviour, Richard Dedomenici’s poetic acts of low-grade civil disobedience forcibly ask pertinent questions of society, while his subtle anarcho-surrealist interventions create the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility.