Reijo Kela (FI): Makkoamalla rahhoa

Reijo Kela writes:

”I suppose it was some time in the early 1970’s when the National Pensions Office (fin. Kansaneläkelaitos) started to use the name KELA. I found it very offensive as concerns our family name Kela. Later as an art maker, I decided that one day I would take advantage of this similarity between the family name Kela and the National Pensions Office KELA. In other words, I would make a performance for a KELA office.

As the ANTI -festival invited me to perform at the festival, I said: I have a ready-made idea for the KELA office: earning money by doing nothing (his performance name in Finnish: ‘Makaamalla rahaa’).

Somebody earns money by doing nothing. Somebody has to lie down to earn money. I could outsource my own lieing down and I could buy lieing down from a sub-contractor. Could I pay for people to lie down for me?”

Reijo Kela (FI)

Reijo Kela (b. 1952) is one of the most recognized Finnish dance artists. In Finland, he is known as a pioneer who took dance out of traditional places. In his works, there are often elements of performance, installation and fine arts. Some examples of his works are Tanssia Teille (Tuolit)  1983, Cityman 1989, Hiljainen kansa, Uhrituli 1998 and Routii 2004. The awarded short film of Reijo Kela, 365 päivää –Reijo Kelan videopäiväkirja 1999 (365 days – Reijo Kela video diary 1999) will be presented at the ANTI -festival as a part of the documentation-related seminar.