Regin Igloria (US): The ANTI 10K – Run write run!

Calling runners and walkers of all ages and abilities! American artist Regin Igloria invites you to join the world’s first text-generating, 10-kilometre road race. Anyone can join the race and you can take as long as you like to finish – in fact the longer the better, as the final participant over the finishing line decides the very last line of a unique text.

Here’s how it works: when you sign up for the race we’ll ask you to register a short line of text – this can be anything at all; perhaps it announces your reason for running a 10K, perhaps it’s something you’ve been meaning to say to someone, perhaps it’s a line from your favourite song. Your unique line of text is then stored in a chip, which you tie onto your running shoe – when you finish the race your line of text is placed in the growing ‘results text’ according to your position in the race; so if you’re the 44th runner to finish the race your text will be line 44 in the final piece. Your line will appear on a screen as you finish and the whole unfolding text will be published in real time as the race progresses, we’ll publish it online too. So come along, and run for your line!

You can register on the day of the race, starting from 10 am, at the harbour.

Regin Igloria (US)

Regin Igloria creates visual art and performance works that deal with ideas of physical endeavour.

“My recent work explores athleticism in very formal ways: physicality and the tedium of training, exercise, and competition are meant to convey the struggles and challenges encountered in everyday life. I compare experiences in sport as I do with all goal-oriented tasks. Speed, strength, endurance, and skill – the affluence or lack thereof – play an important role in understanding how opposing forces work for and against each other.”