Los Torreznos (ES): 35 minutes

Fittingly, this extraordinary performance by Spanish artists Los Torreznos lasts just 35 minutes. How do we experience the passing of time? How does language deal with time? How does time deal with language? And why 35 minutes? Los Torreznos tell us: “These 35 minutes are fundamental to the construction of history, they cannot be eliminated – otherwise the roof would fall in. In the thousand million years of our universe these 35 minutes fulfill their own purpose, coming immediately after the last 35 minutes and slotting in nicely just before the next 35 minutes”. 35 minutes are built from 2,100 seconds, which is exactly what this playful performance offers us: 2,100 seconds to reveal the passing of time.

Los Torreznos (ES)

Artists Jaime Vallaure and Rafael Lamata met in 1992 and have been collaborating as Los Torreznos since 2000. Their performance, video and sound works have been shown around the world to great acclaim. Recent performances include La Cultura at the Mediterranean Literary Festival, Cairo and Identity at Les Halles, Brussels.

“Los Torreznos, we are a communication tool over social matters, political matters and most deep-rooted customs. Our work parts from the most direct reality, including family one, translating to contemporary language themes that are part of human deepest routine nature. We use humour and talk about things everybody knows, about the human being cotidianity. We develop our work through different shapes such as performance o action art, multimedia (video, sound projects) and also workshops and conferences.”