Heather Kapplow (US): I’m sorry

In 2004 Heather Kapplow began a relationship with Finland that sadly – due to an array of cross-cultural mishaps and misunderstanding – went awry. The relationship dissolved. Now, six years later, Heather wants to try again. For the duration of the festival Heather will be making an apology to Finland for her part in the relationship’s demise. During her time on Finnish soil – in fact, from the moment Heather steps off the plane from Boston, to the moment several days later when she steps back onboard – Heather will speak only the words ‘I’m sorry’. While she’ll be able to hear our suggestions of places, buildings, people and objects that are owed apologies, her only words of reply will be ‘I’m sorry’. Heather will attend festival events and move freely across the city offering her short statement of atonement.

Heather Kapplow (US)

Heather Kapplow lives in Boston MA and works across a range of media, creating video, performance and object-based pieces. Recent projects include Everything Arrives, Everything Departs for Boston Harbor Islands, and H&L Restoration Services for MEME Gallery, Cambridge MA.

”My installation/performance works investigate simple philosophical questions about modern daily life and require audiences to be active agents of the exploration and art-creation processes.

I also do short, low-resolution video works, and make small objects out of blood, hair, string, wire, bones, keys, burned texts, etc for gaining power over situations that cannot otherwise be managed.”