Glen Redpath (CA) & Jennifer Nelson (US): The Race

The Race begins in the dairy section. At the start, Runner #1 from Team A and Runner # 1 from Team B, each carrying a liter of milk, begin the course towards personal products. Once in the aisle, they locate shower gel, deposit milk, and carry the gel to Runner #2 from Team A and Runner #2 from Team B waiting at the end of the aisle. Runners #2 take the shower gel and travel to fresh fruits and vegetables. Leaving shower gel with the potatoes, they take one kilo of potatoes to Runner #3 from Team A and Runner #3 from Team B waiting by the scales. After verifying weight (and making any necessary adjustments), Runners #3 sprint to frozen foods. They locate frozen french fries, take this package and leave the potatoes in its place. Runners #3 sprint hard with their packages to Runners #1, still in personal products. Round 2 begins.

The event is judged by the speed with which each round is completed. The event continues until the identity of the course is obscured. The distinction between product areas becomes uncertain leading to a desegregation of culinary and household objectives. Surprising product placement awakens our appetites.

Race Course Rules:
Transform the space with overwhelming force. The body, the movement of goods, the transactions (the trade-offs) are undeniable. Decay is inevitable. Real speed and concentration is required. Aisles are paths. Victory is questionable.