Georgie Meagher & Malcolm Whittaker (AU): Kansas

Australian artists Georgie Meagher and Malcolm Whittaker have an interest in places and maps, but not as we know them. Their performances re-map and reimagine what’s around us, using the local and the global to create a dislocated and displaced world. “It’s as much about where places could be, as about where places are” say the artists, before adding that their work could be understood as ‘site-unspecific’. Their process-based works allow us to witness the making of the performance, or rather, the performance is made as we watch it. At ANTI the journey begins in an elevator, so choose your location and visit the artists for a playful rewriting of the city around us. Each performance lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Georgie Meagher & Malcolm Whittaker (AU)

Georgie Meagher and Malcolm Whittaker are based in Sydney. Parallel to their collaborative work, Georgie is currently director of Firstdraft Gallery, Australia’s longest running, artist-led initiative, and Malcolm is a director with performance collective Team MESS.

“Our interest has been in the experience of places that are somehow dislocated from their context and feel as though they could be absolutely anywhere. It’s as much about where places could be as about where they are and as much about sights as sites themselves. In a world that can alternately feel too large and too small we have used these spaces and places as blank canvases to write upon in place of their absent signifiers, experimenting with a form of anti-cultural cartography.”