Eero Yli-Vakkuri (FI) & Tea Andreoletti (IT/FI): Encountering taste

Thursday 29.10.    14.00 
Friday 30.10.        
Saturday 31.10.    
Sunday 1.11.          

Starting point: K-market Pihlajalaakso | Poukamankatu 6


Encountering taste is a field excursion to a wild water source close to the city center, followed by a culinary water tasting session and discussions.

Water is extremely reactive. Its composition changes when it comes in contact with gasses in the atmosphere, the humus, soil and human-made structures. “Drinking water” is affected by natural materials such as gravel through which rainwater passes before becoming groundwater. It is equally affected by artificial materials such as plastic pipes and chemical treatments through which it passes before being delivered to homes.

The taste of water is a documentation of the encounters that the water has with different minerals and materials.

In Finland, drinking water is an asset which is possible to find in the soil and in a good quality in the tap.

The performance aims to heighten the participants’ skills in identifying subtle tastes resulting from water’s reaction to modern habitats. By developing water tasting skills and learning hydro-sommelier practices, the participants will experience the city through its taste. Tasting can be considered as a geological or technological analysis of the site. Participants will also have an opportunity to experiment with synthetic mineral waters using natural and artificial mineral samples.

Safe festival experience

Bring your own cup!
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Eero Yli-Vakkuri (FI) & Tea Andreoletti (IT/FI): Encountering taste

How to get there?

You can get to the site by walking, cycling, by busses (e.g. number 2 and 21) or by car.
Bus timetables on Vilkku-service!
Car parking slots in Pihlajalaakso, by the Poukamankadun street.

Eero Yli-Vakkuri (FI) & Tea Andreoletti (IT/FI): Encountering taste

Eero Yli-Vakkuri (FI) & Tea Andreoletti (IT/FI)

Eero Yli-Vakkuri (b.1981, Helsinki, Finland)  is a recovering survivalist. In the past he made annoying street interventions which made people uncomfortable, presently he is advancing sustainable design through campaigns, workshops and artistic presentations. Two years ago he learned that famous spring waters (such as S.Pellegrino) could be cloned by using pharmaceutical minerals, salts, kitchenware and makeshift carbonization equipment in your own kitchen. Since then, he has been on the lookout for natural springs in urban areas and attempted to manufacture drinks by using stone architecture as a mineral source.

Tea Andreoletti (b. 1991, Gromo, IT) is a narrator, water sommelier, ignorant educator, guided tours writer and non-professional fencer. In 2026 she will run for municipal elections in her hometown of 1209 inhabitants. Four years ago, she attended the Mineral Water Taster course in Rome (A.D.A.M.) and became hydro-sommelier for the residency project "Simposiarca" at Bivaccourbano_R Progetto Diogene, in Turin (IT).  Since that, Tea has been carrying out a water taste workshop as a pedagogical artistic practice. She sees the water tasting as a way to approach microworlds which then reveal to have the whole macroworld inside them.