Biitsi (FI): Silver Medal

Friday 30.10.      15.00 – 18.00
Saturday 31.10.  10.00 – 13.00
Sunday 1.11.        10.00 – 13.00

Private apartment | Haapaniemenkatu 40 A 3

How do you express yourself when Alzheimer’s disease is changing you to the core? If we don’t reach for gold but for silver, will our society, overheated by competition, become more equal?

A new site-specific work by the Helsinki based artist duo Biitsi tackles these seemingly separate issues. Silver Medal will be experienced for the first time at ANTI Festival.

During autumn, Biitsi is working with students from the Savonia University of Applied Sciences to discuss the future of art-making in places such as care homes. The process will echo in the piece made for the festival, which is created in situ during the two weeks Biitsi will spent in Kuopio.

The work marks a sequel to Hopeakulttuuri – The Silver Epoch, a radio essay celebrated by critics and audiences alike. In the essay, Biitsi meditates on the issues of an aging Finnish population and ‘senior cultures’ of the future.

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Biitsi (FI): Silver Medal

How to get there?

NOTE! Only a limited amount of people can participate in the installation at once. Queuing outside!

Biitsi (FI): Silver Medal

Biitsi (FI)

Biitsi is a Helsinki based artist duo making sound based artworks. The members of the duo are Heidi and Kaino Wennerstrand. They have collaborated with, among others, Azar Sayar, KOKIMO collective, Anna Torkkel, Dxxxa D & Hzzzt duo and Pykäri. In the spring 2020, YLE Radio (The Finland's national public broadcasting company) presented Hopeakulttuuri - Silver Culture, a radio essay that studied aging and gender. Heidi is preparing for a solo exhibition for the year 2021 and works in the social work field. Kaino works as a solo artist and sound designer. Biitsi’s work has been seen in 68 Institute (Copenhagen), Kiasma (Helsinki) and DGTL FMSNM (Berlin).

Photo: Biitsi