Annabelle Craven-Jones (UK): for the journey between escapist and preventative

How do we respond to the city as place? Do physical structures affect our sensations? for the journey between escapist and preventative exists in the form of a proposal. Located in a car park, a temporary ramp-like structure will invite the public to respond to its possible purpose – an imaginary prompt to escape? A shelter?

Wheter using film, installation or text, Annabelle’s practice considers and questions the desire to quantify the intangible – be it sensation, thought, memory or sound. The artist’s attempt to locate something so transitory or impalpable through physical means is deliberately implausible and serves as a reminder of its inherent futility. The artist hopes to give voice to as well as acknowledge, the sense of futility or absurdity that she feels is an intristic part of attempting to manifest sensations that lead to uncertainty, loss and inbetweenness. Her installation work considers the situation or happening as a means to pose questions. Combined with the use of site-specificity, a language of intent and a question of authenticity come to play.