Abinadi Meza (US): Murmur

You’re walking through Kuopio and you begin to notice a series of black and yellow graphic images stuck to the wall. You see one, and then later, another on the opposite side of the city. Is it graffiti or some kind of poster? Well, both, perhaps. These graphic codes are not readable by the human eye, but by the camera on your smart phone. Point your phone at it and a text will be generated. Something the artist calls ‘geo-situational’ fiction emerges, as you decode and read each graphic symbol. The artist Abinadi Meza, along with a collaborative chapter of the International Society of Geofuturists, will create a series of site-specific texts that in turn become embedded in the city as graphic codes. This experimental narrative envisages a future city built from the geographic reality of the present day. So, as you pass through the city, look out for the codes and have your phone at the ready. The codes will generate different texts each day, so return to the same spot or look for others to continue your reading.

Direct your phone’s web browser to http://neoreader.com/ to download a graphic reader. NeoReader can also be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or from the Android Market.

Abinadi Meza (US)

Abinadi Meza is an artist and filmmaker currently based in Texas. He has presented his work widely across North America and Europe. Recent projects include Silence, for the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, and Surface Transfer, at Full Pull Festival, Malmö.

Abinadi Meza: “Having worked with a variety of media, I appreciate the way stories affect space in a manner unlike other materials. They are intensely ‘real-time,’ operating in concrete social space yet also carry an atavistic capacity–a burrowing movement into symbolic-mythical space. I take a playful attitude toward what spaces can be and what they can be used for, and am interested in undermining the historical weight of architecture by putting matter back into perceptual motion. “