ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival

Nature - Body - Sex

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival 2012 gathered around 4500 participants and viewers. In addition thousands of people saw light designer Jukka Huitilas's video and light work at Kuopio Centre, and followed live camera broadcast from photographer Maria Kärkkäinen's project at Puijo Hill.

The festival ended on Sunday with a cruise full of people celebrating their marriage to Lake Kallavesi with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. Also Children's ANTI and Luonnon ANTI / Up to Nature at Karho island were popular.

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival will be organized on the 24th - 29th of September, 2013.

The performance Teresias is inspired by the mythological character of the same name. He was the blind prophet of Thebes, famous for being transformed into a woman for seven years. Read more ▸

A Space for Live Art -project challenged artists to deal with the theme of crisis at the partner festivals. ANTI chose Alejandra Herrera Silva to realize this theme. Read more ▸

Come to the most fabulous wedding you’ve ever experienced! It’s a pleasure to welcome the spectacular Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens to ANTI. Read more ▸

Anti Festival’s artist in residence for 2012, Kris Grey, has engaged in a month long residency project in collaboration with a youth group at the Savon Seta, an organization for sexual minorities in Kuopio, Finland. The ages of the group members range from 15-30 years old. Some of the major themes of their collaborative works include identity, social justice, and pride. Read more ▸

The video work is about childhood and fatherhood experiences. Highlights and shadowgraphs of growing up; it’s a bit like opening someone’s family album on the sly or seeing someone else’s life through their flat walls. How does a light maker use light to answer his son’s questions? Can you use light to answer even your own questions? Read more ▸

How to archive live art performances? How to capture the fleeting moment of a live piece of artwork? How to outwit the power of archival images? How to prevent the fetishization of archives? If the image fades a little every time it is watched, do you still watch? What remains when the image is gone? Read more ▸

“Many years ago, when I was still a child, I used to dream that I flew high, abow the trees. Rising up, almost touching the branches of trees, then flying near the heaven, looking at the trees undeneath me. And then down again, twisting and turning, passing the most beautiful places and scenes. Until. Read more ▸

Can teddy bears fly? Find out for yourself by building wings or a parachute, attaching them to a stuffed animal, and launching it from 30 meters up. Lift your brave flying animal into the air with a huge kite and then send it flying back to earth. Read more ▸

Dina Roncevic is an artist and a puppet animator from Croatia. She graduated from Animation and New media department at Art Academy in Zagreb, Croatia. Read more ▸

Photographer and performance artist Antti Laitinen fells a tree at Karhonsaari and chops it into small pieces. Of these pieces he will build the tree back with the aid of nails and strings. Read more ▸

Johanna Kirsch researches in her installations, performances and drawings among other things the essence of idleness and non-productivity, freedom and self-definition. Read more ▸

FrenchMottershead present three interactive experiences, created in collaboration with local experts, who lead participants to actively explore their connection to the forest. From a choice of three: Fishing, Orienteering and Weaving, each experience offers participants an opportunity to play with the order of things in the forest on Karhonsaari. Read more ▸

Choreographer Ingri Fiksdal and stage designer Signe Becker with composer Ingvild Langgård and their crew take the participants to an exciting musical trip, which starts when the sun sets and ends in the darkness of the night. Read more ▸

Choreorapher Martin Nachbar is known for his unique way of borrowing movements and body language from diverse contexts. Read more ▸



Heather Cassils (CA/US): Teresias

Alejandra Herrera Silva (CL): Domestic Labor

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens (US): Ecosensual walking tour & Blue wedding to Lake Kallavesi

Kris Grey (US): Suspicious Packages & ANTI Residency 2012

Jukka Huitila (FI): Father, dad, daddy, pa, pop, my ol' man, son and the holy family

Nic Greenin & Beth Hamer (UK): Slowlo

Makeshift / Tessa Zettel (AU): Making time

Kuratoinut Béatrice Josse (FR): Dissappearing Images

Tarja Wallius (FI): HALOO! GLOW workshop

Nature, Body, Sex Seminar

Children's ANTI

Maria Kärkkäinen (FI): Take me into your arms

Amos Latteier (CA): Can Bears Fly? workshop

Maaret Salminen (FI): Fragments of Light Tell Stories workshop

Dina Roncevic (HR): The Car

ANTI Goes Wild!

Antti Laitinen (FI): The Tree

Johanna Kirsch (AT): My Name is Ape or the Little Tree Theatre

French&Mottershead (UK): Understory, 10-12

Ingri Fiksdal & Signe Becker (NO): Night Tripper

Martin Nachbar (DE): Animal Dances