Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens (US): Ecosensual walking tour & Blue wedding to Lake Kallavesi

Come to the most fabulous wedding you’ve ever experienced! It’s a pleasure to welcome the spectacular Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens to ANTI. Famed around the world for their extraordinary performance works the pair presents a wedding like no other: aboard a cruise ship, with the audience reimagined as guests, and brides and grooms, Sprinkle and Stephens will marry lake Kallavesi in what promises to be a spectacular closing to the festival. The artist-brides request that everyone wear as much blue as possible, and feel free to dress to outdo the brides – costumes welcome.

Making Love into Art and Art into Love –talk and workshop

You can join the wedding as a guest or you can collaborate on the creation of the wedding. If you want to have an active role in making the perfect wedding to water, sign up for the workshop on Friday or email the wedding planner Saara Räsänen The wedding and the workshop have an age limit of 18.

Ecosensual walking tour

Annie and Beth will talk about their art on Wednesday and lead an Ecosensual walking tour on Saturday.

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