Tony Schwensen (AU): C’mon

C’mon will consist of an all day tennis match played by Tony Schwensen against himself.  The actual performance will entail serving the ball, walking to wherever the ball has landed and then hitting it back over the net. After each hit of the ball the exhortation C’mon will be screamed. The action and the focussing will then be repeated until the cessation of the performance.

The scream C’mon is taken from Lleyton Hewitt, the Australian tennis player, who uses screams of C’mon as a form of self motivation and focussing. This level of self competitiveness is also existent and evident in every strata of human sporting endeavour, from the international/global to the regional/local. It is certainly to be found on Väinölänniemi tennis court.

Tony Schwensen (AU)

Born 1970, Tony Schwensen is a Sydney based artist who has maintained an active participation in contemporary art practice since 1988, regularly exhibiting nationally and internationally, been directly involved with establishing and running artist run initiatives, hosting international artists, providing exhibition opportunities and maintaining archives of documentation.

Recent and forthcoming projects include +Plus Factors, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 2006 and FATWHITESTRAIGHTBALDGUY, Tony Schwensen Videoperformance 1999-2005 The Performance Space, Sydney. Schwensen is currently a PhD candidate in Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, researching the influence and adaptation the

discipline specific investigations of Samuel Beckett on and into historic and contemporary videoperformance practice.