Tonja Goldblatt (FI): Frieze

Frieze is a line drawing in the wire-netting fence of the tennis court. The line consists of carpet rags woven in the fence and they create natural size human figures in various positions. They are entwined with a circling ornament pattern embroidered with cross-stitching, which joins the figures together.

Cross-stitching and other sewing works used to decorate casual consumption items, such as towels and table cloths. The sewing works of the fence have been made of carpet rags, which is ecologically very useful recycling material. Contrary to the wire-netting fence, carpet rags create human-friendly material. It joins the handicraft tradition as well as the memory lane as the rags have often been cut from used clothes or similar sources.

Tonja Goldblatt (FI)

Tonja Goldblatt (b. 1977) has graduated as a graphic artist from the Turku Drawing School in 2006. For the past year, she has been working with glass. It might be very difficult to notice her works unless you pay careful attention or particularly stop to look at the object. She likes the idea of the viewer making discoveries – art discovered suddenly or in surprising places is the best kind there is.