Science Walk: Good Bad Death – Science and Art Hand in Hand at the Cemetery

Wednesday 11.9.  17.00

Sankaripuisto | Suokatu 45, Kuopio
Accessible Event

What is Good Death? Can you prepare to face death? How does religion relate to death?

Welcome to the Science Walk in Sankaripuisto!

Professor of Practical Theology Kati Tervo-Niemelä and researcher Anja Terkamo-Moisio, talk about death research, fear of dying and the attitudes related to death and euthanasia. The Science Walk is brought to you in collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland.  Discussion in Finnish.

Professor of Practical Theology Kati Tervo-Niemelä
Researcher Anja Terkamo-Moisio


The walk ends to Dear Deer by Mimosa Norja.

More information:
Anne Heikkinen
UEF viestintä
050 563 5798