Tatu Rönkkö & Jyrki Tsutsunen (FI): Bones, Woods & Spoons

  Wednesday 28.10.    20.00
  Thursday 29.10.        20.00

Kristallisali | Piispankatu 8
Accessible Event
Dinner ticket: 10€


An experimental dinner and soundscape!

Bones, Woods & Spoons is a collaboration between wild food chef Jyrki Tsutsunen and sound artist Tatu Rönkkö. The duo creates an experimental dinner experience that is a meditation for all senses.

When entering the performance, one must forget the norms of the Western dining and be prepared to be taken outside of their comfort zone in a safe and inspiring manner.

Jyrki uses hand-picked ingredients from the forest and new ways of preparing and serving the dinner, and Tatu creates a live soundscape – a soundtrack for the dinner – using everyday objects and pieces of nature as his instruments.

Eating is a multi-sensory and multi-dimensional experience where not only tasting but also listening, smelling, looking and feeling different textures are brought to the foreground and bound together. Bones, Woods & Spoons is a dinner combining experimental sound art and gourmet food.

 Concept & performance: Tatu Rönkkö & Jyrki Tsutsunen
Duration: 2,5 h

Safe festival experience

The audience capacity is max. 30 people per performance.
The venue allows distancing (min. 1 m) with other participants.
Please follow our general instructions for a Corona safe festival experience!

How to participate?

Book your seat and pay the 10 € dinner ticket at the door, card payment only
Arrive 15 minutes before the show time
Mute or turn off your mobile phone and leave it to our safe guarded cloakroom
Leave your jackets and handbags to the cloakroom
Please DO NOT document (photo, video, sound record) the performance
Please do not leave in the middle of the dinner (WC visits allowed)
Please communicate about your allergies through the booking form
Unfortunately, we are not able to take into account all special diets

Tatu Rönkkö & Jyrki Tsutsunen (FI): Bones, Woods & Spoons


(Accessible) entrance at the inner court. WC doorway width: 80 cm.

NOTE! Queuing outside!