Svop/t (NO): Viewpoints

The designed, built, environment of the city forms the backdrop to our every day lives. We move around a city by habit, using our own network of routes and paths, taking in favourite areas and features. But how well do we know the spaces we inhabit, how often are we caused to stop and look again, as if for the first time? VIEWPOINTS offers us just that moment, a chance to stop and look, to see and re-see. A series of staircases, simply built and brightly coloured, invite us enjoy a new vantage point, to see the known from a new perspective.

The stairs will appearing in new locations daily. Be sure to take the opportunity to step-up and see a different city.

Svop/t (NO)

Svop/t are two Norwegian artists, Sigrun Vik Olsen and Trond Mikkelsen, and Italian architect Simona Ferrari. Together they work on projects that combine their interests in art, design, architecture, site-specific work and spatial relations and interventions.