Reality Research Center & Samuli Laine (FI): Nurture

     Wednesday 28.10.      15.00 – 21.00
           Thursday 29.10.       12.00 – 20.00
Gallery Ars Libera |  Maaherrankatu 3
PRIVATE: On Wednesday and Thursday the encounters are private.

            Saturday 31.10.       12.00 – 14.00
Store room, street level |  Haapaniemenkatu 20 (H-talo)
Accessible Event
PUBLIC: On Saturday the encounters happen in front of audiences.


20 min. / participant

Nurture is a one-on-one performance where Samuli Laine investigates the politics of gender, nurturing and coexistence through the act of breastfeeding. The performance emerged from a desire to suggest new perspectives softly and tenderly and
study nurturing as a radical driver of change.

Nurture will create a space for a delicate encounter that deconstructs the traditionally gendered practice of breastfeeding. In this performance, Samuli Laine nurses the spectator-experiencer. This event will create a temporary bond between two people and provide a space where social norms can change. Nurture reaches towards an alternate state of being and invites the experiencer to daydream. At the same time, the performance challenges the standardized gender and body related expectations for breastfeeding.

Nurture centers on the fragility of life and the need to identify and acknowledge your own vulnerability. The performance invites you to scrutinize the network of connections and codependency that sustain life on earth. Our codependence means that we are linked to countless networks of human communities as well as endless biological processes that sustain our bodies and enable life on our planet in the first place.

Safe festival experience

Please follow our general instructions for a Corona safe festival experience!
Please read the following safety instructions carefully and only come to the performance if you are healthy.
The performance is a one-on-one performance which means that only one audience member, the performer and the performers assistance are present at the performance space.
Please note, that the performer and audience member are in close contact as the performer will breastfeed the audience member.
The performer and his assistance are wearing face masks.
The audience member is not able to wear a mask during the show but we kindly ask you to wear one while waiting to enter the performance space.
The instruments that are used for breastfeeding are changed and disinfected by boiling between performances.
The performer has tested negative for corona virus before the start of the festival.
NOTE! Do not come to the performance if you are feeling ill or if you have travelled outside of Finland in the risk countries of Corona virus during the past 14 days.

Donation as an act of worldly care

In the process of booking your tickets to the performance, you can buy a piece of Finnish old growth forest or support the work of environmental defenders in the South. Following the main theme of the work, this donation functions as a gesture of wordly care.

The Siemenpuu Foundation provides support to environmental and democracy initiatives done by civil society actors in the South and is a development communication actor in Finland. The projects supported by Siemenpuu are tackling poverty and inequality and reduce the loss of biological diversity and climate emissions.

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is a non-governmental organization that promotes the protection of old growth forests. The foundation has been active since its establishment in 1995 purchasing old untouched forests with donation funds and applying for a permanent protection for them according to the Nature Conservation Act.

Or alternatively, you can sign a petition in favor of our forests:

Reality Research Center & Samuli Laine (FI): Nurture

How to get there?

The venue for the performances of Wednesday and Thursday is Galleria Ars Libera. This venue does not have an accessible entrance.

NOTE! We recommend you to arrive right on time. Queuing outside!

The venue for Saturday's performances is H-talo Shopping Centre. This venue has an accessible entrance at street level. There is also an accessible WC inside the shopping centre.

Reality Research Center & Samuli Laine (FI): Nurture

Samuli Laine (FI)

Samuli Laine is a Finnish scenographer, performer and member of the W A U H A U S arts collective. He holds Master’s degrees in Scenography (2011) and Lighting Design (2014). Since 2010, he has worked as a lighting, space and video designer in contemporary dance and theater productions. Laine is interested in art that takes a critical and compassionate look at predominant ideas about what is normal and possible. He is fascinated by the potential of space: how to approach scenography as a multisensual and activating environment where alternate states of being, daydreaming or true encounters are possible?

Residency Program for Impossible Performance

The performance is the second production of The Residency Program for Impossible Performance. The Residency Program is part of the Helsinki based Reality Research Center’s main program from 2019 till 2021. ANTI Festival is the main partner of the Program. Through an open call, the Reality Research Center selects one residency artist per year to produce an unprecedented performance to be premiered at the ANTI Festival in September. The residency program is meant for emerging artists who work in Finland and who have unfulfilled dreams about performing arts.Supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Uusimaa Regional fund.