Maija Hirvanen (FI): Knock Knock! Come in.

A hotel room at the hotel Puijonsarvi and the cinema Maxim are combined in a 2-part work which is based on hotel room scenes adapted from famous films. Marilyn Monroe gets intellectual lines and Bruce Lee forgets his punch. The film turns into a performance in the cloud of a popcorn smell.

Concept: Maija Hirvanen

Performance: Maija Hirvanen ja Anni Gustafsson

Maija Hirvanen (FI)

Maija Hirvanen (b.1977) works in the areas of dance, performance, writing and contemporary art. Ever since 1999, her works have been presented not only in Finland but in various parts of Europe. Dialogue and co-operation are central concepts in her work.

Depending on the place and the context, the artistic interests of Hirvanen can be poetic, political, conceptual, communicative or linguistic. The source and the point of return of her work are always underlyingly, however, in various forms of bodily awareness. In addition to her artistic work, Hirvanen writes articles and critiques about contemporary art/culture.

The other performer of the work, Anni Gustafsson, is an artist, performer and dramaturgist from Stockholm.