Julia Barclay & Bill Aitchison (UK): Micro – Macro – Scope

On Friday and Saturday 11am-4pm beginning at Observatory (at 5-20” intervals), with a performance starting at Hotel Puijonsarvi at twilight.

Micro-Macro-scope begins at the Observatory.  When someone arrives she is given a tape recorder, which will be her guide on a journey through the city. The tape will conclude after 45 minutes and finish by asking the listener to record her impressions, after which she will be invited to open an envelope and continue to a private location in the Hotel Puijonsarvi.

At twilight the festival audience is invited to meet in the hotel lobby.  From there they leave for the observatory, Bill performing Julia’s cut-up text created from the observations of the audience-participants recorded during the day.

Two journeys: one private and one public. A view through the micro-macro scope.

Julia Barclay & Bill Aitchison (UK)

Julia Lee Barclay is Artistic Director of Apocryphal Theatre in London, and has won awards, been published and produced in New York and Europe. She directs Apocryphal’s on-going experimental theatre lab, and recently directed an improvisational performance of her text The Jesus Guy. She was awarded a three-year fellowship from University of Northampton to write a practice-based PhD.

Bill Aitchison is a performance artist based in London. He has created numerous solo performances, diverse events, is a regular collaborator with Apocryphal Theatre and Ivana Müller and has performed widely across Europe and the US. He is currently completing a practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths College London.

Bill and Julia last worked together as AB to create the sound/cut-up installation 100% Impure™ for the Berlin Restcycling Festival in 2004.