Juha Valkeapää (FI): Vocal portraits

You sit in a hairdresser’s chair admiring the view: there I am, there’s my hair. He’s an invitation to change all that, to close your eyes, to forget your hair and to listen – listen to a bespoke, one-off vocal portrait by artist Juha Valkeapää, composed about you and performed for you: a mini-concerto for your ears only.

Juha Valkeapää (FI)

Valkeapää created a series of vocal portraits in Pirkko barbershop for ANTI 2003 and returns this year to same shop. Reserve time before your “haircut” there are recordings of those original portraits available as you await your turn in the chair.

Much traveled vocal and performance artist Juha Valkeapää has created over 130 different projects across twenty-four countries.