Holly Rumble (UK): One minute bird watching

The movement of birds in the city is transformed into human speech as sound artist Holly Rumble suggests we ‘read’ Kuopio’s airborne population. For this part ecological study and part musical score, visit the artist in her daily location and follow four simple rules:

1. Start when instructed.

2. Whenever you see a bird, say either its name (if you know it), or ‘bird’ (if you don’t).

3. Name each individual bird only once.

4. Stop when instructed.

Field recordings taken during the project will later be edited by the artist to create a sound piece available to download from this page.

Recent projects for Norwich-based sound and performance artist Holly Rumble include Longwinded in Five Parts, shown at The Royal Opera House, London (with Dot Howard and Michael Ridge) and Holly Rumble’s Mobile Disco for Town Hall Galleries, Ipswich.

Holly Rumble (UK)

“I work primarily with sound, in live site-specific contexts. I use sound to affect the audience’s perception of site, and of their own perceptual habits, producing a series of 
interventions and participatory events. My work is playful and encourages audience experimentation, often using the audience members to distribute sound (through mobile phones, small speakers, and recently, voice).I have been supported by Arts Council England’s ESCALATOR Performing Arts scheme (2009-10), and am the co-founder of the live art collective ‘Other/Other/Other’.”