Heidi Fast (FI): (Re)attuning choir

“To keep on trusting (no matter what) is an act of reattunement”. Bracha Ettinger

How do we keep hope and trust alive while our limited minds struggle when faced with change, and constant readjustment is simply too much? Perhaps we would need to be able to “let go” of ourselves a little instead of trying harder, to weaken ourselves a bit and open up to what is happening around and within us.

The (Re)attuning choir consists of Kuopio residents who Heidi Fast, ANTI’s artist-in-residence in 2011, has been working with since May 2011. The resident artist will have met with the members of the choir for several times during the summer and autumn before the actual “appearances” in September. Even though the work involves a particular group, anyone can take part as a member of either the choir or the audience. We hope that you allow yourself to tune in and open up to reveal the fragility and weakness which we all have inside ourselves and from which no one can escape because of its unique power.

The appearances are based on each choir member’s voice, be it hoarse, clear or quiet. Instead of aspiring to achieve a “pure” singing technique, the choir tunes in with the environment and the changing world. The choir will perform three times in everyday Kuopio life as a series of moving and singing time-spaces. The choir acts as the principal singer in the performances whereas the audience is invited to join in with their voices and presence, the shared aim being to allow space for a more acute sense of community.

The (Re)attuning choir will make its first appearance on 10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day. ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and Kuopion liikenne invite you to stop, hear and use your voice together with the choir, which will perform for one departure on bus route 20/21 departure time 9:30 . You can get on the bus anywhere along the route. Participation is free.

  1. First part: Local bus 20/21, World Suicide Prevention Day, Sat 10.9, 9:30

– Bus 20 leaves from Tullinkulma at 9:30; you can get on the bus at every stop along the route. Number 20 becomes number 21 along the route. The trip is free.

  1. Second part: Kuopio University Hospital corridors, Wed 28.9. at 10:00

– Gathering in the hospital main hall. Duration of walking lasts about an hour.

  1. Third part: The Market Square pit and surroundings, Fri 30.9. at 19:00

– Gathering at the City Hall. Duration of walking lasts about an hour.