Heidi Fast (FI): Amorous dialogues – practicing acoustic ranges

Heidi Fast invites the listener to a home which is not hers; to a place where both are visitors. This refers to a particular home or a question about dwelling, inhabiting and adopting, to a place which, however, no longer or not quite yet belongs to someone. The performance is a vocal place, an open concert in this home that is quieting down. Fast creates vocal routes for an intimate dialogue in-between the visitor and the material and acustic ”cinders” of the home, the traces of the living and herself. The voice is also glowing to the other apartments in the building opening the home towards the public.

The voice of the dwellings – action is a possibility for a tone in common among the apartments of the house, and also the resonance outwards from its windows.

Heidi Fast (FI)

Heidi Fast (b.1975) is a voice and performance artist who works with her own voice in relation with a certain material circumstance or the “resonance” of a certain place. She considers voice in its sonorous and rhythmic qualities a broad compilation, a kind of an exchange or variation of energy or force in-between human bodies, the body and the surrounding world. This may function as a sort of passage into the thinking of corporeality, sexuality, space and the locating of oneself. So, for her, the “millieu” in-between these elements is music. Essential for Fast is also to consider and to participate in the reorganising of the frontiers between the voice, music and contemporary art. Furthermore, she works with those connections on which the ”voice” may join or get entangled with the public practices. Her work happens in between the areas of public art, voice art and performance art.