Gaëtan Rusquet (FR/BE): Back and forth

‘Happy birthday’ balloons, ‘just married’ balloons, animal balloons – the celebratory, the innocent and the banal. Balloons have a curious presence in our lives: how odd it is to mark life’s landmarks by blowing up coloured latex orbs. But there you go, that’s what we like to do, and it is the festival’s birthday after all!

At first Back And Forth appears to approach the balloon in all of its innocence as a game develops between Rusquet and the increasing number of squeaking, twisting and floating forms. Soon a suggestion of the human body, of limbs and organs, of the inside popping out, shapes the performance and something altogether more unsettling is achieved.

Gaëtan Rusquet (FR/BE)

Gaëtan Rusquet live and works in Brussels as a performer and scenographer.