Ernst Fischer (UK): Anus domini & passion

Anus Domini was first performed over 10 years ago and arose from reflections on gender and sexual politics.

Passion is a new, as yet unperformed piece which consists of the simple, repeated action of ‘beating the breast’, which echoes religious ceremonies both in Islam and in Christianity and is an attempt to illuminate, at least for the performer himself, the mindset of religious fundamentalists of any denomination.

Ernst Fischer (UK)

Born in Germany, Ernst Fischer moved to Britain in the late 1970’s. His performance work – generally categorised as ‘live art’ or ‘body art’ – has been heavily influenced by Butoh, which he studied in Japan, London and Vienna. Recently the focus of his work has shifted to collaborations with exiled writers and asylum seekers on issues relating to race, diversity and Human Rights. Ernst currently works as a Creative Research Assistant at Roehampton University, London.