Elaine Kordys (UK): Analogies can make one feel at home

Three stories from Kuopio: change, life and time

Nine years is a long time. We change, our bodies shift and reshape. The world we live in changes, it is rebuilt, redesigned or simply ages. It’s a wonderful process, part exploration, part adventure, part mourning for what once was. It’s the stuff of life.

For ANTI 2003 Elaine Kordys presented How Excellent Your Name Is In The World in the unfinished Aapeli shopping centre car park. Today the centre and car park are complete, with thousands using it every week. Which is where Kordys will return to for this year’s festival – she too has changed, she’s now a mother, she’s been diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis and has moved home six times in the intervening nine years. She’s been busy.

For this new project Kordys will meet and interview three Kuopio residents to talk about how bodies and their environments change. These filmed interviews will be shown in the Aapeli shopping centre car park.

Kordys practice shifts between movement, site-specific activities and film. Completing five documentaries over the last two years has produce a diverse, curious and open approach to movement and filmmaking.