Christopher Hewitt (UK): Wall drawings

Visible evidence of the first ever ANTI festival has stood in Kuopio’s train station for the last ten years: a series of life-size line drawings grace the walls of the station’s passageway, silently watching passengers coming and going.The drawings made by Christopher Hewitt depict artists working on their projects during the 2002 festival. Ten years later Hewitt is back to continue the project, he’ll find his originals are now augmented by graffiti, tags and various stickers, marks made across the years. Hewitt will work on the mural by adding artists from this year’s festival, who, with their 2002 counterparts, are likely to stand together for another decade or more.

Christopher Hewitt (UK)

Christopher Hewitt has been involved in the field of performance art for over 20 years, working as an archivist, curator, teacher, facilitator and very occasionally as an artist. From 1999 to 2003 he ran the ‘Crossing Borders’ degree program at the Turku Arts Academy, Finland. Hewitt is currently based in Berlin from which he publishes ‘liveartwork DVD’ – a renowned compilation of contemporary performance art.