Bryony Kimmings (UK): 7 day drunk

‘We all like a drink, right?’

Here’s a little show for those of us who like a little drink – and we all like a drink, right? Bryony Kimmings likes a drink and she wants to share a quick one with you. During ANTI’s birthday bash Kimmings will be expecting you to pop by, on your own, to share a swift half, sharp shot and shared moment with the intoxicating 7 Day Drunk. Later in the evening you’ll have the chance to marvel at Miss Kimmings as she takes to the stage and reminds us all how to have a good time. 7 Day Drunk was developed through a week long scientific experiment undertaken by Kimmings. In collaboration with a pharmacologist, neuroscientist and psychologist the artist spent seven days exploring the relationship between artists and alcohol while she herself was intoxicated, for seven long days.

Bryony Kimmings (UK)

Bryony Kimmings creates full-length performance works, cabaret acts, audio arts and spoken word. She is inspired by the taboos and anomalies of British culture and her work promotes the airing of her own dirty laundry to oil conversations on seemingly difficult subjects.

Book your intimate moment at the festival centre on Saturday! Enjoy the party, and Miss Kimmings! Lets drink a toast to 10 years of ANTI!